500 & Rs 1000 rupee Indian Currency Notes Banned – PM Narendra Modi

In one of the historical reforms of the economy of India, Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes were banned effective Tuesday midnight. This was one of the boldest movements by the Government of India announced over a 40-minute speech. This scheme has received mixed reactions till now. The majority of industry and commoners alike reacted to this decision with overwhelming support.

Whereas some sections are of the opinion that it is a draconian scheme causing hardships to people. It has also been argued that it would’ve been better if two to three days’ notice had been given.

That would, in fact, have defeated the entire purpose of the scheme because by then the money would have been circulated. Overall, this scheme is going to impact the businesses, the aam admi, and financial institutions – all at some level or the other.

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