Kangana Ranaut in a ‘blue’ film? Check out her ‘confession’

Kangana Ranaut revealed that she would’ve had a very different CV today because she almost worked in an adult film as a teen. Before Kangana became a household name and a national award winner, the actress was just starting out and said she used to agree to any offer that came her way. During an interview with VH1 Inside Access, the Queen star, “I think the first ever would be the break that I got from my film Gangster. Because I remember getting a very shady offer. I think it was not a good movie. But I was like, ‘Okay fine, I will do it.’”

The actress’ frank acceptance of her willingness do an adult film is characteristic of Kangana’s bold nature. Of course, going by the double standard that Sunny Leone continues to face even today, it’s another matter whether the Indian audience would have been as accepting of the same actress who they love so much today.

Kangana recalls the experience saying, “I did a photo shoot and then they gave me the robe and there was nothing inside that robe. And it looked like some blue film or something and I was like, ‘This doesn’t look right.’” However, Kangana landed her 2006 debut Gangster around the same time and she chose the Emraan Hashmi project instead.

“If I would not have gotten Gangster, I am sure I would have done that film. But I think the thing about me was that I always said yes to every offer,” she added.

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