Airtel to offer free 4G data until Dec 31, 2017 . It’s unbelievable

Hello Everyone !!! It’s a big news for everyone who end up paying more for their telecom expenses. This day is one of the very big day for whole telecom industry wherein a popular career has announced its free 4G data to its customer to counter Jio. Yes, you heared it right. It’s Airtel this time who has given a counter to Jio to keep its customers from it’s rival Jio.
This big announcement has been made on Jan 03 , 2016 and this offer will be applicable till Dec 31, 2017. Last year was a very big year for the entire telecom industry after Jio launched its services with Preview offer which was providing unlimited data , calls , SMS , apps services and more. Since, the launch of Jio , Airtel and other competitors were in huge loss because of this launch by Jio which actually costed the mobile careers a lot. Since that launch , Airtel tried many things to keep its customers in their bucket but unfortunately due to the Preview offer , it was difficult for the career to stop its customer switching to Jio. Now , this year Airtel has come up with an offer which is surely a shot for Jio which will help their customers to retained with them .

What’s the Airtel Offer ?

The Offer provided by Airtel is that it has added 3GB of data for free in all the plans( Both Post paid and Pre paid) . An Airtel statement read “Under this offer, selected customers with prepaid and postpaid connections will get free 3 GB data every month till December 31, 2017, with the benefits over and above the pack/plan benefits.” For Post paid customers , 3GB of 4G data has been added to all the plans . Say for example : if you choose the Rs 549 plan, you get 3 GB data according to your plan, and 3 GB 4G data as part of the offer and you will get a total of 6 GB of 4G data along with unlimited free calling. For Pre-paid customers : When prepaid users recharge with a data pack of their choice, 3 GB of 4G data will be added. For instance, if a user recharges with Rs 345, he will get 1 GB (As per plan) + 3 GB (As per the offer) along with free local and STD calls. One can avail this benefit through MyAirtel app. Each data pack would be valid for 28 days and a customer can do maximum 13 recharges till 31st of December 2017. But how to get this extra benifit is a catch again . Check below how to get this offer . You need to download the app nad install it to get this offer.

How to get this Airtel Offer ?

Since this 3GB of free data as been added as a complimentary to your existing plans , here comes a catch for you to get this extra benefits as an offer. To get his offer you need to download the app which they have said and you can claim the offer through this app only. So , this is a catch for those who are willing to get this offer. It’s simple and easy and you should download and install the app and clai the offer once and you will get the offer until Dec 31, 2017 . So , goahead and install the app and claim your offer.

For sure this offer is worth giving a try which is far better than Jio with its pricing , availability and mainly due to thier strong network availability . What are your thoughts on this move by Airtel ? Will you be in Airtel or switch to Jio ? Share your opinions.

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