amravati’s muralidhar baba sex scandal

One of the more baba has joined the list of sex scandal and he is none other than Amravati’s Muralidhar Baba. He was caught doing obscene act in his bathroom with women and his sex Scandal was caught in CCTV. He runs an ashram in Amravati in Maharashtra.

Everyone is shocked after watching the new avatar of Amravati self-styled godman balyogi Muralidhar Baba. The camera was installed in the bathrooms of Muralidhar baba and he was caught doing this nonsense act with 4-5 women. The video is going viral on internet and it is heard that a person named Shafiq has filed a complaint against him at the police station and the baba is reportedly absconding.

உடனே ஷேர் பண்ணுங்க… இது போன்ற போலி சாமியார்களை நம்பி இனியாவது ஏமாற்றாமல் இருக்கட்டும்

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