Auto Accident Caught On Camera

Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 20:01 by Reuters
Watch: Deadly crash in Mexico caught on camera

A dramatic road accident, which left one person dead and 13 injured, including five reporters, was caught by CCTV along the Mexico-Toluca highway near the municipality of Lerma on the outskirts of Mexico City.
The accident took place after an earlier crash attracted reporters and officials to the scene to help.
Just after midday on Monday, a red pick-up truck carrying medical material overturned on the lane of the extreme right. Medical equipment was left strewn on the side of the highway next to the truck.

மன்னாரில் இடம்பெற்ற கோர விபத்தின் மனதைப் பதறவைக்கும் CCTV காட்சி…வீடியோ!!! (பலவீனமானவர்கள் பார்ப்பதை தவிர்க்கவும்)

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