Fathers Gift to a Dead Daughter

Moolamattom: While he stood looking at the frozen body of his daughter wearing her favourite gold anklets, Anil’s eyes clouded with sorrow- he will never see her running towards him wearing those dear anklets anymore. The family and onlookers assembled at the GVHSS Moolamattom bid adieu to the young girl on Christmas day drenched in tears.

Young Anagha was hit by a pick-up van on December 16 and has been under treatment since then oscillating between life and death. Throughout the many days she kept trying back to come to life, her father waited desperately outside the room waiting for some good news. It was a couple of days ago that the doctors declared that things were going out of their hands and Anil knew he had little time with Anagha now. He was suddenly struck by an unfulfilled promise he made to his dear child.

He had pawned her favourite anklets due to some financial issue. When his little girl complained he consoled her saying it will come back to her on Christmas. A day before Christmas Anagha left the world. But before this Anil had already got the pawned piece of jewellery back for her.

Call it fate, he wore an expensive shirt like Anagha always wanted him to and sent the girl to her pyre wearing her favourite anklets. Anagha was mourned by family and friends who made a beeline to see her body that was kept at GVHSS where she was a Plus Two student.   

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