Hot girl ‘pees’ in public, shocks passersby

Men or boys peeing in public is a common sight on Indian streets, but what if you see a girl, clad in a short dress, starts painting the wall in your neighbourhood? Yes, something of a similar fashion happened in Delhi. Recently, people on the streets of the national capital were taken aback when they saw a girl peeing in public.

The video shows a girl wearing black short dress is standing facing a wall, thus making an impression as if she’s urinating in the open space, the way thousands of men in India are often seen doing. The girl’s action shocked several passersby while there were a few who even tried to film the girl’s action in their mobile phone. Then there were others who went past the girl raising their eyebrows and passing comments upon her.

The video even showed an infuriated man resorting to stone pelting at the girl for her shameless act. The prank video was aimed at spreading the message to ‘stop peeing in public’ has gone viral over social media. Watch the video and see how differently people are reacting:

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