How to Call Anyone with Any Number

You may want your number to stay anonymous or you would like to play a prank on a friend. There are a few ways to do that.

Spoofing! Yes, this is what you call when you fake a number. An incoming call is made by them with a pre-defined telephone as the caller ID. To get calls that are fraudulent on Android, you must first install any of these fake caller ID programs in your telephone and make simple changes in the settings and wait for the telephone to call in the specified time with fake caller ID.

These Android programs are helpful when you are need an excuse to escape an office meeting or play a prank on someone.

When you search for these kind of programs in the play store, you’ll find a lot of apps with similar names poorly designed. A few of these programs come with a great deal of advertising. Further, they don’t offer setting an exact time for incoming calls to occur as well as the list of dialer’s layouts are limited.
Is spoofing your phone number legal?
With regards to the legality, if you’re only playing a prank on a friend and as long as you’re protecting your privacy, then it’s totally legit. But if you’re a spoofing a telephone number and cause harm to someone, then the clear answer is “No” to spoofing.How to call anyone from any number?

First you will need to install the ID changer app in your smartphone.
Then start the app and setup both the caller and receiver’s number with country code.
Once everything is setup, click on ‘Dial’ button and wait for few seconds. Now the person you dial will get the call in special number as given by you.
You can download this called ID changer app for your android smartphone from here.
Once you install the app in your phone, you will get trial points to make calls and you can call your own number or your friends’ number with this app.

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