Lovers Drinking in Forest

When asked at a recent get together to share our fondest travel memories, a friend immediately quipped it was at a hilltop café just before Prague Castle, where she could sip coffee and enjoy unmatched views of Prague. Picking up the cue, a couple who had just returned from Australia recalled sipping beer at the Opera Bar while enjoying unmatched views of Sydney icons Opera House and Harbour Bridge. What followed was an endless narration of drinks and dinner next to historical monuments or having them as a backdrop.
A deafening silence followed when asked if anyone has ever had a drink or a meal next to Gateway of India, the India Gate, Red Fort, Taj Mahal or Qutub Minar. Similarly, while instances of having enjoyed a wine and cheese platter at street cafés across the world were aplenty, people at the party thought long and hard when asked if they ever sipped wine while watching traffic go by in India.
It isn’t as if our cities lack heritage sites. Nor are we devoid of world class concept restaurants. What we are devoid of are ideas of how to promote ourselves to the new age traveller. While Australia designs its tourism campaigns around Sydney’s restaurants or Melbourne’s coffee scene, we are not yet able to recognise the role played by the bustling food scene of the country in attracting travellers from across the world.

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