Shocking moment protester in India accidentally sets himself on FIRE while burning effigy in anti-government riots

A PROTESTER accidentally set himself on fire during an effigy-burning as teachers staged a rally about contracts.

Sukhminder Singh Mann, 35, was rushed to hospital after he was engulfed in flames – he suffered horrific burns but his condition was said to be stable.

The horror reportedly happened yesterday when he was sprinkling petrol to a burning dummy depicting the Punjab government but he got caught on fire.

Shocking photos show Mr Mann, who was wearing just jeans and a jacket, engulfed in flames, as other stunned protesters try to pat him down.

He had been taking part in demonstrations in Bathinda, India over the Punjab government’s education policy.

The teachers claim the Punjab government has not regularised their services even after them completing two-year contract with the state government.

The union members claimed that the government had made a two-year contract with more than 7,000 volunteers in 2014 and promised to regularise their services after completion of the agreement.

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